TanzCentrO Cup 2020

The TanzCentrO Cup is a standard, Latin and Discofox tournament in the classes Hobby / Rising Star and Supa League for Standard and Latin and Hobby and Supa League in the Discofox. The starting fee for a tournament is 10, – € for two tournaments 18, – € and for all tournaments 25, – € per person. For late entries, a fee of 2.50 € per person will be charged. The entrance fee for guests is 5 €. The tournament will be conducted according to the guidelines of the DAT. host of the event: Daniela Schönitz / Carsten Wolf


envisaged schedule – start: 10:00 end: 19:00 registration deadline: 4-1-2020


Thorsten Schrock-Opitz Immanuel Kant Str. 12 26789 Leer Telefon 0491-9921300 Fax 0491-15312 E-mail: tanzschule@schrock-opitz.de www.schrock-opitz.de


Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
46045 Oberhausen